25 illnesses added to the compassionate allowances list

April 28th, 2014 | by RON BELL

The Social Security Administration has added 25 illnesses to a list called Compassionate Allowances List.  This list is to ensure those with such conditions have their applications expedited for a decision.  Within the new list are 12 types of cancers, rare diseases, traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, cardiovascular disease, multiple organ transplants, autoimmune diseases, and several others.  Those who have been diagnosed with any of those conditions listed on the Compassionate Allowances List may apply for Social Security Disability, and the application process will be ahead of those who have non life-threatening conditions.

Social Security Disability is not only available to seniors, but is available to those who have mental or physical disabilities, under the age of 65, and cannot work as they once did.  Prior to applying for Social Security Disability it’s vital for the disabled person to keep records of doctor appointments; names of illnesses; symptoms of illness; date of onset of illnesses; exams; test results, names and addresses of all doctors, therapists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, and massage therapists; medications; and any other important information pertaining to all illness.

There are many guidelines to applying for Social Security Disability and difficult to be approved, even with a valid illness.  Hiring an experienced SSI attorney is advised to receive competent representation and have your chances of receiving Social Security Disability approved increased.  Many people make the mistake of applying for disability on their own and are denied.  They do not properly appeal the decision and then years later reapply.  This only hurts their chances of being approved.  Regardless of what part of the process a person is in, contact a disability attorney right away for a free consultation.


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