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Our personal injury lawyers are currently accepting new cases related to amputations and other side effects of Invokana. If you or a loved one have suffered adverse health effects such as amputation, kidney damage, or diabetic ketoacidosis after taking Invokana, please contact us immediately to obtain a free case review. We will review the possibility of obtaining financial compensation for your losses.

How Invokana Drugs Work

Invokana is an orally-administered medicine used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It is produced by Johnson & Johnson and it’s subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Invokana is an SGLT2 inhibitor. SGLT2 is a protein produced by the kidneys that traps glucose so that it gets absorbed from the blood back in the body. Invokana blocks SGLT2 production in the kidneys so that the excess sugar leaves the body in urine and blood sugar levels stay lower.

Invokana Side Effects

Invokana has been shown to cause serious and adverse side effects, some of which can be fatal. The most common side effects include the need for amputation of legs, feet, or toes; diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA); kidney injury or failure; urinary tract infections that lead to blood infections requiring hospitalization, cardiovascular problems including heart attack or stroke, and others. The risk of these side-effects has been shown in clinical tests which resulted in the FDA ordering Invokana manufacturers to put adequate warnings on the drug’s label.

Invokana Lawsuits

People who suffered permanent injuries and illness caused by Invokana filed lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson claiming that negligent manufacturing, misrepresentation in relation to the drug’s safety, and deliberate concealment of information from both the American drug watch agencies and the public. There are at least 1,000 cases pending in relation to Invokana. Individual lawsuits were combined into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in a New Jersey federal court in December 2016. No trials have started as of yet and the first bellwether trial pertinent to the case has been scheduled for September 2018.

Lawsuit Eligibility – Why You Should Contact Our Lawyers

In order to be eligible to file a lawsuit and claim compensation for injuries caused by Invokana (or a related drug such as Invokamet or Invokamet XR), you must have suffered an adverse effect such as amputation, kidney damage, or diabetic ketoacidosis. In addition, the injury must have occurred before the date that the warning for your specific injury was placed on the drug’s label. For example, if you had to undergo amputation of your leg, feet, or toes, then in order to be eligible to file a lawsuit this must have taken place before May 16, 2017.

Our lawyers are here to help. If you think you might be eligible for compensation for your Invokana related damages, please contact us immediately to obtain a free case review. We will schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys and after a thorough review of your case, we can advise you on the best course of action available to you. We are a trusted, experienced law firm and we are committed to delivering outstanding results to our clients.

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