Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyers in Albuquerque

Nursing home abuse is a terrifying problem in Albuquerque and across the United States. Abuse and neglect can rob patients of their health, dignity, and sometimes even their lives. That is certainly a violation of federal and New Mexico state laws. But it is also a betrayal of trust that can never fully be restored for victims and their families.

Our experienced Albuquerque Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers want to help you. You should make sure that your nursing home abuse lawyer is familiar with both state and federal regulations that are designed to protect the interests of residents living in these facilities. When a nursing home or long-term care home violates these regulations and codes, the results can lead to serious injury or death for the residents.

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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Our nursing home abuse attorney have witnessed first hand the signs of elder abuse. Things to look for if you think your loved one has been neglected or abused are:

  • Malnutrition
  • Physical and or sexual abuse
  • Death
  • Broken bones
  • Bed sores
  • Falls
  • Inaccuracies in medication dosage and intake
  • Sepsis (blood infection)

It is possible you still have a valid case even if you do not see you or your loved one’s condition on this list. The best way to determine if you can make a recovery for abuse or neglect is to contact one of our attorneys with the details of your potential claim.

There are time limits!

There are strict deadlines that are called statute of limitations in which you can file a New Mexico nursing home abuse case. If you fail to abide by these deadlines, you risk losing all rights to any compensation and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on getting the money you deserve so even if you suspect abuse, you should call 898-BELL immediately. Always remember, you don’t pay unless we win your case and your initial consultation is always free.

How we can Help

Abuse cases can be costly and problematic claims to pursue. The majority of these cases often require an investigation, meaning you will need to hire an attorney who will do all the work without charging you an upfront fee, should you not win your case, your attorney shouldn’t charge you a dime. Only work with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney.

Nursing Home Report and Investigation

An nursing neglect lawyer will conduct a full and thorough background check on the nursing home and even pull a state report on the facility where you or your family member was injured. This type of investigation will uncover evidence and show that there is enough to build a case against the facility.

Medical Records & Statements

We do all the work. We will obtain certified copies of all applicable medical records that will verify the alleged injury/abuse as well as any statements or notes made by the doctors or staff working at the nursing home. It’s important that this step of the investigation happens as quickly as possible, as evidence can be lost and witness accounts can diminish with time.

Have You Been Victimized In A New Mexico Nursing Home? Contact Our Attorneys Today

We provide aggressive yet sensitive legal representation to victims of nursing home abuse. Our firm is dedicated to helping victims obtain compensation so they can continue to recover their quality of life. Our law firm can be reached by calling 898-BELL or by filling out our online form for a free consultation.

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