How Long is the SSI Application Process In New Mexico?

June 11th, 2014 | by RON BELL

The Social Security Administration (SSA) and its Social Security disability insurance benefits (SSI) are under federal law and guidelines in the United States.  However, the New Mexico Disability Determination Services (New Mexico DDS) agency in Albuquerque, New Mexico approves or denies all SS disability claims from disabled New Mexico residents.  While the federal government pays the bulk of the SSI monthly payments, New Mexico pays an extra amount (called a state supplement) to disabled adults who can’t live on their own.  Those who live in an adult residential facility or assisted living center who receive SSI are eligible for the state supplement.

In 2012, New Mexico DDS only approved an estimated 40 percent of disability claims on the initial application.  Many applications are denied not due to lack of disability, but simple administration or technical errors.  These can be avoided when contacting a competent injury lawyer in New Mexico.  By allowing an experienced Social Security attorney to properly build a case with accurate documentation, you can rest assured your chances of approval are higher.

In the event a disability application is not awarded at the initial application level, an appeal must be started.  If that appeal is then denied, than an appeal hearing must be scheduled.  At the appeal hearing level, a New Mexico appeal level judge (ALJ) can award benefits and back pay compensation to the injured victim.  In 2012, less than 75 percent were heard and awarded by an ALJ and the average wait time for an appeal hearing was nine months.


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