Tractor Trailer Crashes with Motorcycle in Albuquerque

July 21st, 2014 | by RON BELL

A motorcycle collided with a semi truck Sunday, sending the motorcyclist to the hospital with second-degree burns.  The names of the victims have not been released by NM state troopers and no report was available to detail who was at fault.

Tractor-trailers are some of the largest motor vehicles on the roads and highways of New Mexico.  Albuquerque drivers need to have a certain level of respect for semi-trucks while driving.  For example, traveling to closely behind a truck or switching lanes to close to the front of the truck can cause an accident.  These large trucks cause a lot of property damage and physical damage when involved in any type of car wreck.

One of the most dangerous truck accidents are those that involve a semi-tractor trailer and it jack knives or rolls over.  These rollover accidents occur when a truck flips over onto its side or roof while still moving.  A few examples of dangerous 18 wheeler accidents are: blowout; hitting the medium; incorrect weight; incorrectly steering; high winds; mechanical malfunction; rapid turns; or speeding.

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