What are the texting laws for truck drivers in New York?

April 23rd, 2014 | by RON BELL

The State of New York has made stricter texting laws for drivers with commercial driver licenses driving on the NY interstate.  The law states that truck drivers cannot use their cell phones or any other electronic device to text while driving.  This is contrary to the law concerning those with a non commercial drivers license who can still text while stopped in traffic.

This new truck driver texting law specifically states “that an operator of commercial motor vehicle is deemed to be ‘using’ a mobile telephone when such person presses more than a single button to dial or answer the phone.”  Though a hands free device to the public is one that can be used while on “speaker”, this new law does not recognize such use as lawful.

Penalties for texting or even using any cell phone or handheld electronic while driving a truck consist of fines and a mandatory commercial drivers license suspension.  A three to five point driver license penalty is to be initiated for anyone who violates this new NY cell phone law.  If anyone is under a driver license probationary period or has a junior drivers license and receives an infraction under this new law, it may lead to a 60 day suspension.

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