When Do I Need to Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

May 1st, 2014 | by RON BELL

Many people wonder, ” when do I need to hire a personal injury attorney?”.  The answer is simple, when someone has been injured due to the negligence or recklessness of another.  Personal injuries don’t only affect the victim, but also their families.  A sudden onset of any injury can be traumatic and costly.  The injured victim whether they’re involved with a motor vehicle crash or a slip and fall, will need therapeutic appointments, rehabilitation, medical bills, time lost from work, and pain and suffering.  Such medical appointments,  medical procedures, or surgeries can put their lives on hold and in turmoil trying to adjust.  Consulting with a personal injury attorney if involved in any accident including a truck accident, can help victims to recover damages for their losses and accident-related expenses.

Those suffering from an injury at the hands of another often have no idea how they are going to pay for all of the necessary medical expenses they accrue during this difficult time period.  An injury may leave an individual unable to return to work for some time, resulting in an inability to pay not only the medical bills, but daily living expenses as well.  These individuals may benefit from hiring a personal injury lawyer to help navigate the complex legal system to receive compensation that covers medical expenses, time off of work, pain and suffering, and other expenses that may be related to the personal injury.

Statistics show that only about 5 percent of personal injury cases actually go to trial.  The remaining 95 percent are settled outside of court.  An experienced attorney can help victims of personal injury receive a fair settlement that can help these victims move forward with their lives.  Never wait to call an injury attorney out of embarrassment or hesitation.  A free consultation is available to speak with a personal injury lawyer who can offer legal advice; ensure your rights are protected; proper compensation for damages are sought; and take off the unnecessary stress of the legal process.

Now you know exactly when to hire a personal injury attorney!

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