Why Are Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Numbers Rising For Veterans?

June 9th, 2014 | by RON BELL

New research has begun so we can understand why the amount of traumatic brain injuries has been increasing among our nations military veterans.

Of the honorable men and women who have served our country more than 300,000 have been diagnosed with a TBI in the last 15 years.  These military soldiers and their families deserve answers, along with proper medical treatment and disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Even though many of the TBI cases are mild, it’s those mild TBI that are difficult to detect; therefore, causing more damage in the future.  Sometimes, a mild TBI is not recognized for weeks or even months after an accident.  Recent publicity has focused attention on studies demonstrating that a TBI is often not recognized in active duty servicemen until long after the injury occurs.  For example, we now understand that even with specially designed military helmets, soldiers may manifest severe disability years after their military careers are over.

With over a quarter of a million service members suffering a TBI over the last decade, the U.S.  Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been spending more and more money on brain injury research.  With the hope of getting a better understanding of traumatic brain injury, TBI sufferers stand to benefit from a broader range of treatment alternatives.

Contacting an experience New Mexico traumatic brain injury attorney is advisable if you or a family member are suffering from any TBI.  The TBI attorney has a legal staff experienced in handling these types of cases, and can assist with building a strong case for SSI disability benefits.  Injury law firms handling veteran disability cases have compassion for our servicemen and servicewomen and shall represent them with dignity and respect.

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