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Fentora® (Fentanyl), a schedule II narcotic opioid, manufactured by Cephalon, Inc., is prescribed for cancer patients with extreme pain who cannot receive adequate pain relief from morphine. However, physicians are known to prescribe Fentora® for off-label uses, including headaches, back pain, chronic pain, and migraines.

The FDA has received reports of serious side effects including death in both cancer and noncancer patients who have taken Fentora®. Death has occurred in patients outside of the actual medication itself by physicians prescribing to non-opioid tolerant patients, dosing mistakes; and inappropriate substitution of Fentora® for Actiq® by pharmacists and physicians. Fentora causes common side effects in patients taking it on a regular basis such as: anemia; night sweats; diarrhea; headache; fatigue; foggy concentration; insomnia; constipation; asthenia; weight loss; cough; dizziness; anorexia; edema peripheral; stomach cramps; dehydration; hypokalemia; back pain; chronic pain; and depression.

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