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New Year’s Resolution Series – Quit Smoking

by Ron Bell | Feb 9, 2018

At Ron Bell Injury Lawyers, we are dedicating the first of the new year to resolutions that we hope our readers and clients will consider adopting. Each of these blogs will target a suggested resolution for a safer, healthier and personal injury free 2018. For this... (Read More)

New Year’s Resolution Series – Stop Texting While Driving

by Ron Bell | Jan 27, 2018

Every year millions of Americans start off the New Year with resolutions for self-improvement or life goals. However, a vast majority of them don’t last more than a few weeks. We at Ron Bell Injury Lawyers hope that our readers will take up these resolutions and... (Read More)

What Can Communities and Individuals Do About Bullying?

by Ron Bell | Dec 20, 2017

The problem of bullying has been addressed by legislature – but when it comes to ensuring safety of schoolchildren, individuals may have more power than the government This is the second part of a two-article series exploring the link between school shootings... (Read More)

School Shooting Brings Bullying Back into Sharp Focus

by Ron Bell | Dec 8, 2017

As Aztec mourns victims the victims of the recent school shooting, the search for answers continues – could bullying be one of the culprits? Violence in Aztec, N.M, Leaves its Small Community in Search for Answers “There is a shooting here at school, mom”.... (Read More)

Santa Fe Police Department Accused of Wrongful Death

by Ron Bell | Dec 1, 2017

Four months after Santa Fe police fatally shot a mentally disabled 24-year-old man, his estate has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city. Anthony Benavidez was reportedly shot 16 times by one police officer after they tore out an apartment window to arrest... (Read More)

According to Science, Gratitude Can Save Your Life

by Ron Bell | Nov 17, 2017

The American Automotive Association (AAA) says that nearly 80-percent of US drivers expressed significant anger, aggression or road rage while driving at least once a year. Our blog last week focused on Thanksgiving as America’s deadliest holiday with the two main... (Read More)

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