Personal Injury Law 101: Suing a Deceased Person’s Estate

by Ron Bell | Sep 4, 2019

Can you sue a person who is dead? Read this article to learn how to handle personal injury cases against deceased defendants. In a typical personal injury case, the injured party introduces a claim against a person responsible for the injuries in order to obtain... (Read More)

Texting While Driving Ban Positively Correlated With Fewer Car Crash ER Visits

by Ron Bell | Aug 29, 2019

Are texting-while-driving bans effective in curbing the number of car crashes caused by distracted drivers? A new study strongly suggests that this may indeed be the case. Distracted driving is deadly. On average, 9 people on American roads die each day in crashes... (Read More)

Always Wear a Helmet and Other Bicycle Safety Reminders

by Ron Bell | May 24, 2019

Whether you bike to commute to work or just enjoy it as a pastime, read our bicycle safety reminders in order to stay injury free during this cycling season. With spring well underway and temperatures in New Mexico quickly rising, many Albuquerque residents are... (Read More)

How to Collect Excess Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

by Ron Bell | May 3, 2019

Prevailing in court may not guarantee that a person injured in an accident will be able to collect all the damages he or she was awarded, thanks to insurance policy limits. Read this article to learn what you can do to ensure a compensation payout beyond these limits.... (Read More)

Bad Faith of the Insurer: Here’s What You Need to Know

by Ron Bell | Mar 8, 2019

When an insurance company is uncooperative or unreasonable, it’s often more than a nuisance. Read our blog to learn what actions may constitute an insurer’s bad faith and how you can protect yourself from it. Accidents usually entail some kind of financial loss... (Read More)

Can You Appeal Your Personal Injury Judgment?

by Ron Bell | Mar 5, 2019

Even with the best lawyer on your side, not every personal injury case goes as planned. Read our blog to learn when and how you can appeal an unfavorable personal injury judgment. This was not the outcome the plaintiff anticipated. Her attorney had assured her that... (Read More)

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