New Mexico Auto Insurance Laws

by Ron Bell | Oct 19, 2018

Virtually non-existent a hundred years ago, liability insurance for motorists is now compulsory in all 50 states. In this article, we review laws governing car insurance policies in the state of New Mexico.   Even though we now view obligatory car insurance as a... (Read More)

4 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Hospital After a Car Accident

by Ron Bell | Sep 21, 2018

In this article, we explain why you should get a proper medical checkup as soon as possible after a motor vehicle accident, even if you don’t experience any immediate symptoms of an injury Imagine this scenario. You’re involved in an accident on your way home... (Read More)

5 Things to Do After a New Mexico Truck Accident

by Ron Bell | Aug 31, 2018

Motor vehicle accidents involving big rigs are quite common in New Mexico. According to the 2016 Traffic Crash Annual Report prepared by the state’s Department of Transportation, a semi/large-truck crash occurs, on average, every 4 hours. In 2016, the total number of... (Read More)

Recovering in a Texting While Driving Accident

by Ron Bell | Aug 17, 2018

Smartphones are an ever-present staple in today’s society and instant communication is constantly at our fingertips. The urge to quickly read a text from a friend or to let a spouse know that you’ll be a few minutes late can strike even while driving down the road.... (Read More)

Understanding Product Liability Law

by Ron Bell | Aug 10, 2018

Product liability law is a vital means of protection for consumers injured by faulty products. Understanding it may be key to obtaining financial compensation for damage sustained as a result of the use of such products. In our last blog on self-driving cars, we... (Read More)

How The Autonomous Car Revolution Will Affect the Insurance Industry

by Ron Bell | Jun 22, 2018

The mass adoption of self-driving vehicles is imminent – and it may negatively affect the car insurance industry. However, there are ways for it to adapt. Since Google started working on its self-driving car project back in 2009, commentators have mentioned that... (Read More)

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