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If you are a wounded warrior, you have a right to collect disability benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Getting approved for these benefits, however, can be a complicated and lengthy process. Even with a successful veterans disability claim and the evidence to support it, the process to get your benefits can take months or longer. When there is a problem with your claim, or an administrative error occurs, the wait and uncertainty can seem unbearable.  

At Ron Bell Injury Lawyers, we believe veterans deserve better. If you or a loved one received a benefits denial, we can help you navigate the process, ensuring you understand what is happening each step of the way. And because we offer free consultations and work on a contingency basis, you pay us nothing until we get you approved for VA benefits.

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The Frustrating Process of Application and Appeals

The application process for veterans disability benefits is complex, and even a small mistake can result in immediate denial. Once you’ve managed to successfully fill out and submit your application with no errors or technical mistakes, and have included all necessary evidence, there is such a long backlog of applications that you may not hear anything for months or longer. Once you finally do hear back, you will most likely be denied since the VA denies most claims for veterans disability, and in many cases, it can be difficult for the applicant to determine why.

Taking the Next Step

If you receive a denial, you can appeal the decision. However, the appeals backlog is significant, and it could take years to get you the benefits you deserve.

Let Us Handle Your Appeal

While we cannot speed this process up, we can handle your appeal for you and fight to increase the disability rating the Veterans Benefits Administration awards you. From beginning to end, we can manage this process, reducing your stress and letting you focus on the more important things in life.

We Represent Veterans in New Mexico

Our disabled veterans benefit attorneys are ready to go to work for you and your family, to get you the benefits you earned.  If the VA denied your claim or awarded you a disability rating that fails to consider the true severity of your impairments, give us a call. Our team will review your denial for free and can get started on your appeal right away.

We can handle appeals for almost any type of veterans benefits, including:

  • Service-connected disability benefits
  • Non-service connected veterans pension
  • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)
  • Title 38 U.S.C § 1151 claims, compensation for injury or death caused by VA treatment

Appealing Your Disability Rating

When the VA approves you for veterans disability benefits you will be awarded a disability rating. This rating ranges from ten percent to one hundred percent, depending on your level of impairment, and determines the amount of medical care the VA will cover as well as how much you will be awarded each month in non-taxable income.

This means a rating that will consider the full severity of your impairment will result in insufficient benefits. If you believe you deserve a higher disability rating, you may want to appeal this decision.

Appealing a VA Disability Benefits Denial

Veterans frequently call us to help them sort out their disability benefits appeal, and we are often able to clear up the confusion and fight for the benefits they deserve. To do so, we need to be able to build a case that proves three things:

  • You have a disability;
  • Your symptoms first appeared while in the service, you aggravated a previous injury during your service, or you first became aware of your injury shortly after your service ended; and
  • Your current disability must be related to the illness or injury you suffered during your service, or to an event or exposure that occurred during your service.

If we can convince the VA of these three things during the appeals process, we may be able to obtain disability benefits for you.

Talk to a Veterans Benefits Lawyer in Albuquerque Today

The veterans benefits attorneys at Ron Bell Injury Lawyers can provide the guidance you need to navigate the complicated appeals process and fight for the VA benefits you deserve. We know what a successful veterans disability appeal requires, and are not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the Board of Veterans Affairs, Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (Veterans Court), or the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals if that is what it takes to win your case.

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