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Did you get into an automobile accident? Have you gone to a doctor the insurance company sent you to? Did they tell you everything was fine, but your body still experiences stiffness and pain? You need help from our experienced Albuquerque Personal Injury Lawyers right away before you go any further! When someone else is at fault Ron Bell Injury Lawyers are there to help injury victims with years of experience in handling personal injury cases in New Mexico.

Albuquerque Personal Injury claims take plenty of time and dedication on behalf of accident victims. An injured accident victim may be out of work; however, still may need to pay car repair bills and medical bills. Hiring an experienced personal injury firm is essential to ensure victim rights are not violated. Damages a victim of an auto accident may request to be compensated for are medical expenses, loss of wages, property damage, pain and suffering, emotional distress, legal costs and attorney fees. Ron Bell Injury Lawyers works together with clients and other parties involved, ensuring the most favorable outcome for their client.

Albuquerque Personal Injuries

Auto Accident Personal Injury Firm

There are various situations where you need an Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney. If you experienced any of the following, we may be able to assist you with obtaining immediate medical treatment and future compensation:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Brain & Head Injuries
  • Back, Neck, Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Burns
  • Animal Bites
  • Truck Accidents
  • Slip & Falls
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Assaults
  • Scarring from Burns & Surgeries

New Mexico Auto Accident Experts

The sudden impact of a car accident, truck accident or any type of motor vehicle accident with a victim being struck on the head can cause many temporary or permanent damages including a Traumatic Brain Injury TBI. In many injury cases a victim can have both spinal and head injuries. The spine connects to the brain and a spinal injury can have a direct affect on the brain itself. Many cervical spine injuries and spinal cord injuries result in lifelong health issues such as migraine headaches and possibly future loss of motor skills.

The National Institute of Health stated the major cause of a Traumatic Head Injury in the US for the last 10 years is from motor vehicle accidents; auto and truck accidents were specified. This includes two kinds of head injuries; open head injuries or closed head injuries. The major difference between these two injuries is that an open head injury is considered a skull fracture, while a closed head injury results in the skull not fracturing. A closed head injury is deceiving because it appears at first to not be an emergency, but if not examined closely swelling and bleeding of the brain may create pressure and damage to brain tissue.

Only experienced Personal Injury Law Firm can understand medical reports which is most critical to injury cases. If a victim is sent to the emergency room after an accident and the proper exam or treatment wasn’t completed, injuries go untreated. If a family member or friend have been in an auto accident and begin to show any of these signs, seek medical assistance right away. Some signs to look for in a victim involved in an accident, who hit their head, are the following:

  • Seizure
  • Unable to stand up or unusual clumsiness
  • Loss ability to smell and taste
  • Change in social skills
  • Extreme changes in sexual behavior (frontal lobe damage)
  • Hyperactive
  • Slow or heightened responses
  • Breaking the law
  • Aggressive behavior

Our Albuquerque Personal Injury lawyers understand an injury victim may need to deal with ongoing medical, emotional and physical treatment. Ring That Bell Injury Lawyers believe all victims deserve their rights protected and reasonable compensation when in an auto accident. Contact Ring That Bell Personal Injury firm today for a free consultation.

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