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Multaq® (dronedarone) is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis and is in a class of drugs called antiarrhythmics. Medications in the antiarrhythmics class are specifically designed to assist with a normal heartbeat. Multaq® is used to treat people who are in A-Fib (atrial fibrillation), arrhythmias or heart flutters (atrial flutter). A-Fibrillation is when a patients heart rhythm beats rapidly and irregularly. Atrial flutter is a heart disorder which causes the heart to continually beat very rapidly within the past six months. Patients in A-Fib or experience atrial flutters have a greater risk of developing other heart related conditions.

Even though Multaq® is marketed to limit hospitalization for patients taking it, they will have an increased risk of stroke, heart failure and even death. Other alarming reports state Multaq® users are at a higher risk for developing severe liver damage, liver failure, and possibly future liver transplants. Common side effects of Multaq® may be fatigue; upper quadrant pain (right sided); fever; nausea; vomiting; itching all over; jaundice (yellowing of skin or eyes); dark colored urine; light colored stool; lack of appetite; and weight loss.

If your use of Multaq® resulted in serious injury, call the Bad Drug Lawyers at Ron Bell.

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