Does Workers’ Compensation Pay for Medical Marijuana in New Mexico?

June 2nd, 2014 | by RON BELL

Does Workers’ Compensation Pay for Medical Marijuana in New Mexico?

A work related injury is a devastating situation, especially when it’s a severe injury.  An employee never goes to work thinking they will be injured that day.  Countless amounts of time and money are spent on employee safety; however, accidents occur daily while people work.  If you’ve been involved in a work accident whether a product fell and hit you, slip and fall, car accident, truck collision, or any other physical injury while employed contact  your supervisor and make a report immediately.  Never leave work that day without making an accident report.  Seek out medical assistance right away, and keep up-to-date records regarding all medical procedures.

Newest Medical Marijuana Appellant Decision in New Mexico

This week the New Mexico court of Appeals ruled in favor of an employee who was injured on the job.  An automobile repair shop and its workers’ compensation insurance company were ordered to pay for medical Marijuana for injured workers with chronic pain.  The argument from the insurance company was the fact that medical Marijuana is still against federal law.  Only the State of New Mexico has legalized the sale and usage of medical Marijuana.  However, the Appellate Court agreed with the workers’ compensation judge, and ordered the insurance company to pay for this medication when prescribed to patients with a work related injury.

Contact a workers’ compensation attorney to assist you with the process of locating the insurance company and receiving compensation for your injuries.  Employees nationwide are injured and lose lawful compensation for their injuries due to lack of knowledge.  Do not allow your employer to get away with not providing proper health care needs such as doctor visits, follow-up physician appointments, medication, medical supplies, physical therapy, pain management, surgery, and other rightful compensation.  An employee conducts their job everyday to make the employer money and so that employee is injured there is a legal obligation to take care of that injury.  A personal injury attorney who handles workers compensation cases can provide advice while protecting your legal rights.

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