Go With The Flow: Bicycling Safely on the Roads of New Mexico

June 9th, 2016 | by RON BELL

Go With The Flow: Bicycling Safely on the Roads of New Mexico

If you’ve driven just about anywhere in New Mexico over the past few years, you won’t be surprised to learn that more cyclists than ever are on the road. Whether it’s for fun, exercise or an environmentally-friendly commute, anyone on a bicycle should follow one critical rule of the road:


It’s common to see even experienced cyclists biking against the flow of traffic. Some cyclists believe this is safer because drivers can see them coming head on. However, experts now strongly caution against it for some very persuasive reasons:

  • Safer to pass: When you bike against the flow of traffic, drivers have less time and fewer options to safely pass. By cycling with the flow, drivers can slow down and wait for a safe opening to pass.
  • Backing out: If a driver is moving in reverse onto the roadway, they’re less likely to notice a cyclist moving against the flow of traffic.
  • Turn, Turn, Turn: Drivers making a right turn into a roadway will be concentrated on looking the opposite way, creating a dangerous situation for cyclists going against the flow of traffic.

Whether you enjoy navigating through major cities or leisurely trips the beautiful New Mexico countryside, safety should always come first. After all, the best bike trips are the ones that end at home instead of the hospital!

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