How Can I Tell if my Albuquerque Truck Accident was Caused by Negligence?

July 7th, 2014 | by RON BELL

Semi-truck accidents affect thousands of people every year, sometimes causing life altering injuries.  An 80,000 pound tractor trailer traveling at highway speeds can cause significant destruction if it collides with another motor vehicle or object.  As a result, trucks and truck drivers are highly regulated by both state and federal law in an effort to limit the risk posed by these vehicles.  Unfortunately, accidents involving semi-tractor trailers continue to occur despite these regulations, sometimes causing serious injuries including traumatic brain injuries (TBI).  The fact is that even in ideal conditions, drivers are bound to mistakes and equipment will sometimes fail.  The good news for accident victims affected by preventable truck accidents is that New Mexico law allows victims to recover for their injuries by making a personal injury claim.

The best way to maximize your chances of recovering from your injuries is to consult with experienced New Mexico truck accident attorneys at Ron Bell personal injury lawyers.  Ron Bell Albuquerque TBI attorneys offer a free consultation and free legal advice to injury victims and their families.  In the event, an untimely death occurred during a motor vehicle collision, Ron Bell wrongful death attorneys offer compassionate, dedicated legal representation.

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