How Do I Deal With New Hardships After An Injury?

May 9th, 2014 | by RON BELL

Raising a family while being disabled is a very difficult task for the entire family, especially when there’s children in the home.  Not only do families suffer financially, but also emotionally due to the lack of physical abilities the newly disabled person may have.  One special event that has brought attention to the disabled in America is the Boston Marathon.  Though it has been in the media for the 2013 bombing, its original purpose was to bring national awareness for individuals who have suffered from an amputation as a result of trauma or disease.  For years the Boston Marathon has been bringing disabled individuals together and raising money for more research.  During the 2014 Boston Marathon the champion of the wheelchair division wore an emblem to support the Martin W. Richard Foundation, honoring the 8-year-old killed in the 2013 bombing.

Competing with a disability is a way to show new amputees and newly disabled individuals that they can take risks and challenge themselves regardless of their disability.  Any traumatic injury takes time to heal from the anger, frustration, and numerous questions that accompany a disability, injury or disease.  The Boston Marathon has aided the disabled with an event to look forward to along side others that are disabled.  The race brings together new victims as well as disabled veterans to compete and show strength.

Many injury victims will need financial support during recovery, and even afterwards if they cannot return to their previous employment.  In some cases, a person may be injured and never fully recover, leaving them unable to perform the same job duties.  Contacting a personal injury attorney is essential to access appropriate treatment and future special medical needs.  An experienced Social Security disability attorney can help those with illness, disease, or disability recover necessary benefits by applying for Social Security disability benefits.

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