Mistakes Not To Make When Applying For Social Security Disability

May 6th, 2014 | by RON BELL

The U.S. government has been laying off federal workers for the past decade according to the Washington Post.  Within the Social Security Administration (SSA) applications from baby boomers and claims from disabled individuals are at an all time high.  This in turn is pushing the financially strapped SSA toward the brink of insolvency.  When applying for disability benefits here are a few major mistakes people make without consulting with a social security disability law firm first:

  1. Waiting too long to apply after onset of an injury;
  2. Not considering all illnesses when filling out the social security disability claim, such as depression and anxiety;
  3. Not ensuring ALL medical records are within the application and file;
  4. Never believe a doctor’s letter or note stating your ‘disabled’ is sufficient to be accepted by SSA to receive disability payments;
  5. Failing to follow-up with medical treatments and doctor appointments regarding specific illness and injuries pertaining to the disability;
  6. Fail to consult with a disability attorney prior to filling out an online social security disability application;
  7. After being denied, an appeal isn’t filed timely;
  8. After being denied, an appeal isn’t filed at all;
  9. Not requesting prior applications be re-open, causing multiple applications on file;
  10. Accepting the SSA established ‘onset of disability date’ and forfeiting back pay;
  11. Failing to know that you don’t need to wait until Workers’ Compensation or VA disability benefits are discontinued before applying and receiving disability from SSA;
  12. Assuming a disability lawyer is too expensive and you cannot afford one (disability firms work of of contingency fees and require no upfront payments).

Call a social security disability attorney for a free consultation regarding your disability claim.  Only an injury lawyer has the experience and knowledge to know how to file such disability claims and ensure your rights are protected.  SSA will attempt to limit the amount of benefits paid to you and look for reasons to deny your SSI application unless you’re properly represented.

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