Who Can Be Sued in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

July 23rd, 2014 | by RON BELL

Albuquerque, New Mexico families dealing with the consequences of medical errors may wonder about their options for filing medical malpractice claims.  Medical malpractice lawsuits can name a variety of individuals and entities as defendants who provided health care or related services negligently.  Actions on the part of an individual can result in the potential for a lawsuit against that person, but in some cases, the hospital or medical facility at which an incident occurred may also be considered responsible.

Direct liability is possible in cases involving negligence on the part of a hospital or a similar facility.  However, ‘vicarious liability’ may also affect a hospital if an individual employed at the facility was negligent, such as failing to properly evaluate an employee’s credentials and experience.  Failure to ensure adequate staffing is in place may also result in liability if the lack of staff results in a medical error.  Liability can also arise if medical staff does not follow a medical care plan given by a physician for a patient, or if a plan that isn’t appropriate for a specific patient but no one questions the plan, as a result an injury occurs.  When litigating a malpractice lawsuit with either medical error or medical negligence, ‘vicarious liability’ is an important element for the injured victim to consider since that hospital or medical office is usually financially responsible.

Ron Bell injury lawyers of Albuquerque, NM provides malpractice attorneys to represent those who have been injured.  An experienced Ron Bell New Mexico personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation to evaluate the potential malpractice case and determine which professionals may be held liable to pay for damages.

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