Worker’ compensation and social security disability false claims

April 25th, 2014 | by RON BELL

A staggering number of Americans falsely claiming disabilities to collect workers’ compensation and Social Security disability payments have flooded the news this month.  Vincent Lamantia, 43, from Staten Island, NY, a retired police officer, was recently caught on an online video giving advice to viewers on how to make money.  This caught the attention of investigators which led to Lamantia being investigated and indicted for “claiming fraudulent psychological ailments in order to collect social security benefits”.  The Price is Right television show aired Cathy Cashwell, an ex-postal worker from Oak Island, NC who was collecting workers’ compensation benefits for an injured shoulder.  However, during the television show Cashwell pulled down the heavy money wheel with a smile on her face.  The injury claim regarding her workers’ compensation claimed her shoulder injury prevented her from “standing, running, reaching or grasping”.

Workers’ Compensation is an important protection workers are given when they agree to become employed by a company.  When the employee is working and there is an accident on the job such as a slip and fall, unsafe working environment, safety hazard, scaffolding fall, or a negligent operating of machinery the employee needs to be compensated while seeking treatment.  Industrial accidents and industry safety are overseen by OSHA; however, it’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure the employee safety.  Ongoing employee education and training is necessary to reeducate employees of everyday industry hazards.

The severity of an injury will determine the damages a workers’ compensation attorney can recover for the injured worker.  Compensation for workplace negligence can include medical expenses, wages and income while out of work, vocational retraining expenses, temporary disability benefits, total disability benefits, or in some cases lifetime medical benefits.  When an worker is injured in a work related motor vehicle accident or by a defective product, they may be entitled to third party insurance benefits.  A workers compensation attorney can investigate any work  related liability claim if the injury was caused by an employer’s negligence.

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